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Defence Current Affairs Quiz - June 2019

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1. Kharga Prahar training exercise conducted by Indian Army in ______________, by various units of Army’s Kharga Corps. Indian Army’s II Corps, based in Ambala is known as Kharga Corps, stationed at Ambala since 1985.

Jammu and Kashmir
None of These

2. Indian Navy deployed Ships INS Chennai and Sunayna in Gulf of Oman, Under Operation ______________. It aimed to re-assure Indian Flagged Vessels transiting through Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman, after some incidents in region.

None of These

3. Anti-ship version of supersonic cruise missile BrahMos test fired from Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur in __________________. Range of this medium-range ramjet supersonic cruise missile is approx 290 km.

None of These

4. Armies of India and __________________ held 3-week-long coordinated operation in their respective border areas called ‘Operation Sunrise 2’ to bust terror camps in Manipur, Nagaland and Assam. This was the 2nd edition of Operation Sunrise.


5. Army launched online platform named _____________________ (RODRA), at URL, to have a better connection with armed forces veteran officers and family pensioners.

Real Officers Digital Records Archive
Regular Officers Digital Records Archive
Retired Officers Digital Records Archive
Rear Offices Digital Records Archive
None of These

6. Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) appproved setting up of new agency called ________________________ (DSRO), tasked with creating space warfare weapon systems and technologies.

  1. DSRO will work in coordination with tri-services Integrated Defence Staff (IDS) officers. DSRA would be providing research and development (R&D) support to Defence Space Agency (DSA) which again comprises of members of tri-services.
Defence Space Research Agency
Dual Space Research Agency
Defence Special Research Agency
Dual Special Research Agency
None of These

7. DRDO conducted First test of an indigenously developed ________________________ (HSTDV) from Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Abdul Kalam Island off Odisha Coast. HSTDV is an unmanned scramjet demonstration aircraft, designed to cruise at Mach 6 speed with scramjet engine.

DRDO also successfully test-fired indigenously developed nuclear-capable missile Prithvi-II, a surface-to-surface missile, with strike range of 350 km.

Hypersonic Technology Descriptive Vehicle
Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle
Hyperloop Technology Demonstrator Vehicle
Hypersonic Training Demonstrator Vehicle
None of These

8. India and France will hold Joint Air Exercise Named _______________, in July 2019 in France.

None of These

9. India will hold it’s first-ever simulated space warfare exercise in July 2019, named – IndSpaceEx, as a ‘table-top war-game’.

  1. It aims to understand possible challenges in space warfare and to counter China's growing influence in this domain.
  2. Recently, Under Mission ____________, India launched a 19-tonne interceptor missile to destroy 740-kg Microsat-R satellite, at an altitude of 283 km in a ‘hit-to-kill mode. With This, China started developing military capabilities in space in terms of both kinetic and non-kinetic (lasers, electromagnetic pulse) weapons.
None of These

10. Indian Army commissioned a “___________________________________” (CAAQMS) at its Eastern Command headquarters in Fort William Military Station, Kolkata in West Bengal. Its done as part of Army’s ‘Go Green’ initiative, which started in April 2019.

  1. CAAQMS will measure air pollution continuously, measuring pollutants like SO2, NO, NO2, NH3, CO, O3, VOC and particulate matters (PM 10 and PM 2.5).
Continuous Ambient Air Quality Manamegent System
Continuous Ambient Air Quantity Monitoring System
Continuous Accurate Air Quality Monitoring System
Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System
None of These

11. Indian Coast Guard (ICG) will open a recruitment centre in _____________, as fifth ICG recruitment centre (Other 4 in Noida, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata).

None of These

12. Indian Navy deployed its P8I surveillance planes for carrying out anti-piracy patrol sorties from Salalah (in __________________________) to patrol the Gulf of Aden and other piracy prone areas. This is second time in 2019 that the P-8I was operated from Salalah for anti-piracy.

None of These

13. Indian Navy issued Expression of Interest(s) for shortlisting potential Strategic Partners (SPs) for Construction of six Conventional Submarines for P-75(I) Project, costing Approx ____________________ Crores.

  1. This is 2nd project being undertaken under latest Strategic Partnership (SP) Model, with first being procurement of 111 Naval Utility Helicopters (NUH). This would provide a major boost to the indigenous design and construction capability of submarines in India.
  2. SPs in collaboration with OEMs will set up manufacturing lines for these submarines in India and make India global hub for submarine production.

14. Non military air strike conducted by Indian Air Force (IAF) on a terrorist training camp in Balakot (Pakistan) on 26 __________________ 2019 was code-named Operation Bandar (Monkey).

  1. The name was inspired by the word monkey having a cultural significance in India as as in Ramayana, where Lord Hanuman sneaked into Lanka and destroyed entire capital city of Ravana.
  2. Balakot Air Strike was in response to Pulwama terror attack which killed 40 CRPF personnel.
  3. 12 IAF Mirage-2000 fighter jets struck on JeM training camp in in Balakot town, killing over 200 Militants.
None of These

15. ______________ approved sale of NASAMS-II Air Defence system to India under its foreign military sales programme, at a cost of over Rs 6,000 crore (about US dollar 1 billion).

  1. NASAMS-II (National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System) is an upgraded version of the NASAMS developed by Raytheon in partnership with KONGSBERG Defence and Aerospace of Norway. 
  2. NASAMS-II is armed with 3D Sentinel radars, short and medium-range missiles, launchers, fire-distribution centres and command and control units to quickly take down multiple airborne threats.
None of These

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