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Science Current Affairs Quiz - June 2019

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1. European Space Agency (ESA) tested a device called Evacuation System Assembly (or LESA), designed to assist in astronaut rescue missions on surface of Moon, during NASA’s _________________ Moon mission (Artemis Mission). LESA is a pyramid-like structure, designed to be deployed just by a single astronaut in lunar gravity to rescue an incapacitated crew mate.

None of These

2. For the first time, Researchers at Ohio State University (_____________________) created high-resolution maps of points around the globe where groundwater meets oceans, giving important data points to help protect drinking water and seas. Study found that nearly half of fresh submarine groundwater discharge flows into ocean near tropics.

None of These

3. ISRO confirmed that Chandrayaan-2 will be launched on July 15, 2019, also releasing first images of the moon lander. 

  1. Chandrayaan-2 is expected to lift off on July 15 from Sriharikota space centre in Andhra Pradesh, aboard GSLV MK-III launch vehicle.
  2. Chandrayaan-2 is a __________________ ton spacecraft, built at over 600 crores. Cost of launch vehicle GSLV MK III is approx 375 crores.
  3. Chandrayaan-2 will comprise three modules - an orbiter, a lander named Vikram and a rover named Pragyan.  The orbiter will have eight payloads, while the Lander and the Rover will have three and two respectively.
  4. ISRO plans to land Chandrayaan-2 near the South Pole of the Moon, a territory that hasn’t been explored by any other space agency.
  5. Lander is expected to have a mission life of 14 earth days or one lunar day. It will be solar powered.
  6. Chandrayaan 2 is an advanced version of its previous mission- Chandrayaan-1, which was launched in October 2008 and was in operation till August 2009. It is credited with discovery of water on lunar surface.
None of These

4. _____________ Updates -

  1. Will launch Dragonfly drone helicopter to Saturn’s largest moon Titan in search of building blocks of life. Dragonfly will launch be launched in 2026 and will arrive at its destination in 2034. Dragonfly Drone will fly to dozens of promising locations on Titan looking for prebiotic chemical processes common on both Titan and Earth.
    1. It will become 1st vehicle ever to fly its entire science payload to new places for repeatable and targeted access to surface materials.
  2. _____________'s Curiosity Rover found largest amount of methane ever measured during its mission on MARS.
    1. Although Methane has been detected by Curiosity many times on Mars, but this time unusually high’ levels of methane - about 21 parts per billion units by volume (ppbv) were reported. 1 ppbv means that if we take a volume of air on Mars then 1 billionth of volume of air is methane.
  3. ____________'s Spitzer space telescope will be retired on January 30, 2020, after 16 years of exploring cosmos in infrared light (11 years beyond its prime mission).
    1. It was launched in January 1983 as Infrared Astronomical Satellite, jointly developed by US, Netherlands, and United Kingdom, to conduct first infrared survey of sky. In 2017, It revealed presence of seven rocky planets around TRAPPIST-1 star.
    2. Spitzer's highly sensitive instruments allow scientists to peer into cosmic regions hidden from optical telescopes.
    3. ____________'s James Webb Space Telescope, set to launch in 2021, will study universe in similar wave-lengths as observed by Spitzer.
  4. ____________'s robot named Bumble became first Astrobee robot to fly under its own power in space. Astrobee is a free-flying robot system that will help researchers test new technologies in zero gravity and perform routine work alongside astronauts aboard International Space Station.

5. New species of dung beetle Anoplotrupes talangensis found in Tawang district of _____________________, measuring up to 27 mm. Dung beetles belong to superfamily Scarabaeoidea and have clubbed antennae and pro-tibiae (pro-legs) modified for burrowing dung inside soil. They are referred to as little recyclers as they help in nutrient cycling of soil.

Arunachal Pradesh
None of These

6. North East Institute of Science and Technology (CSIR-NEIST) Assam Scientists developed a chemical process that can produce _______________ (CQDs) from cheap, abundant, low-quality and high-sulphur coals.

  1. CQDs are carbon-based nanomaterials with size under 10 nm, used as diagnostic tools for bio-imaging (especially detecting cancer cells). It can be produced at much lesser cost than imported CQDs with market price of up to 2,000 per ml.
Carbon quantum dots
Core quantum dots
Central quantum dots
Carbon quantity dots
None of These

7. Researchers discovered 2 new species of tweezer-beaked hopping rats or ‘shrew-rats on mountains in ____________________ island of Luzon. The new species are named Rhynchostylis labo (Labo shrew-rat) and Rhynchostylis mingan (Mingan shrew-rat ).

South Korea
None of These

8. Researchers from Delhi University (DU) and Wildlife Institute of India (_____________________) discovered a new species of ‘Paddy Frog’ from Assam.

  1. It is 5th known species of genus Micryletta, while the first was described from island of Sumatra (in Indonesia).
  2. Newly discovered species has been named Aishani, meaning Northeast in Sanskrit.
None of These

9. Researchers from discovered two (one male and female) new species of tortoise In Yazali area of Lower Subansiri district of ________________, called Manouria impressa (Impressed Tortoises) because of ‘impressive’ orange-brown to dark brown patches on its carapace. India now has 29 species of non-marine chelonians and 5 tortoises.

Arunachal Pradesh
None of These

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