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Bhattadev University - Courses, Contact, Address and Other Details

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About Bhattadev University

Bhattadev University
Name : Bhattadev University

State : Assam

Type : State Government

Intro : Bhattadev University is a public state university at Pathsala, Bajali (Assam), established by Bhattadev University Act, 2017. It was created by upgrading Bajali College of Pathsala. It was named after Sri Sri Bhattadev, also known as Vaikunthanath Bhagwat Bhattacharyya, an important preceptor of the Ekasarana Naam Dharma and the father of Assamese prose because he composed Shrimadbhagawatam and Shrimadbhagawatgita in classical Assamese prose in the 17th century AD.

Address / Web : Web -

Established in : 2019